We are residing in a technologically upgraded world. With each passing day, new things are coming up. But, most of the things that come up hurt the environment highly. With each passing day, problems like air and water pollution are increasing.

Several people are getting affected by such environmental problems. And steps need to be taken to eliminate these problems. Blockchain technology is nothing new. The best part about this technology is that it is a green technology that has little to no effect on the environment.

The Future Can, and Will, Be Greener with Blockchain Technology
The Future Can, and Will, Be Greener with Blockchain Technology

Transparency benefitting numerous factors:

There is countless other application of the blockchain technology…

We are residing in a modern world, where everything is changing. Technology is ever-evolving in this era. And with each passing day, newer technologies are emerging that are responsible for changing the dynamics of the business ecosystem. One such technology is DLT or Distributed Ledger Technology.

It is enough potential to enhance the business ecosystems and eliminate the traditional approach. This article will discuss everything that you need to know about DLT technology in terms of upgrading business ecosystems.

Using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to Enhance Business Ecosystems
Using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to Enhance Business Ecosystems

Modern-day business ecosystems:

Trusted, connected, and secure business ecosystems provide a wide range of modern-day benefits like resilience and enhanced stability…

The concept of smart contracts and blockchains has been buzzing around for the last few years. Cryptocurrencies open a platform of possibilities for people. Anything associated with blockchain has become the latest gold rush not only for the developers but also for the users. Several transactions are performed inside smart contracts.

The markets have started finding methods of regulation. In this situation, smart contracts have gained popularity. This article will cover everything about smart contracts.

Smart contract — Definition

A smart contract is typically known to be a program. It is a piece code that contributes to regulating transactions with…

We are living in a world surrounded by social media platforms. Indeed, they are advantageous, but there remain risks of cybercrimes on such sites. Users across the world share several sensitive information on such platforms, which third parties can exploit.

So, the incorporation of blockchain in the technology has already started for offering the users an amount of control over the data they generate.

What is meant by blockchain social media?

Instead of a general middle authority, blockchain relies on a large group of people to keep the authentication of its information intact. …

We are residing in a highly dynamic world. And everything is changing with each passing day. Also, changes are taking place more in the technological fields. The connections of business are becoming more complex in the technologically advanced world.

But with the application of correct supply chain management, the complications can be mitigated. With the growth of the chain, a vast number of 3rd-party agents come in and result in issues related to efficiency, transparency, and honesty. At this point, DLT comes in handy.

The biggest challenges faced by the supply chains:

With the advancement in technologies, the networks of…

We are living in a world that is in development and is evolving so fast that it is becoming difficult to keep up with the pace. With an increase in competition, the businesses are facing difficulties in attracting potential investors.

For attracting investors, you need to make a pitch deck. But everybody does it. So, you need to do something different than others to become noticeable. This article will discuss everything that you need to know about creating a top-notch pitch deck.

How To Create a Pitch Deck That Will Stand Out (And Draw Investors)?
How To Create a Pitch Deck That Will Stand Out (And Draw Investors)?

What is a pitch deck?

For providing a persuasive and quick overview of the business plan, pitch decks…

We are living in a world that is dynamically changing. Each and everything is changing drastically. Changes are mostly taking place in the technologies. And these technologies can be used for facilitating businesses and other operations.

The concept of blockchain is nothing new. Currently, another term known as “Decentralized Exchange” has been buzzing around. In this article, we will cover everything about Decentralized Exchanged, its opportunity, challenges, and optimum solutions.

Decentralized Exchanges — Opportunity, Challenges, and Solutions
Decentralized Exchanges — Opportunity, Challenges, and Solutions

Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

A Decentralized Exchange is a platform that allows people to opt for crypto exchange. The platform promises cryptocurrency trade’s correct decentralization. To enable this, DEX lets its…

Blockchain technology is no longer an unfamiliar word. It breaks apart the margins between real and virtual worlds. Modern startups are making use of blockchain mechanisms for their operations related to cryptocurrency payments and various other online payment modes.

You can create a cryptocurrency wallet to satisfy the needs of your business, or you can integrate it to use it as a payment mode. This article will guide you on how to create a cryptocurrency wallet.

What do you mean by cryptocurrency wallet?

Without having special software, you cannot use cryptocurrency. This software program that is required is known as…

The world of blockchain mechanisms or technology is already more than ten years old. And, it has successfully managed to showcase its awesomeness.

Blockchain was restricted more to cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin widely. The majority of people could not understand the ultimate potential that it had to revolutionize multiple outdated processes utilizing decentralization.

Currently, decentralization is considered as an attribute. And people are making use of blockchain to create apps that revolve around this concept and are correctly known as dApps.

What is dApp?

The dApps are referred to decentralized applications that operate on multiple computer networks through proper dApps development…

In the fintech industry, STO has become the latest trend. STOs are currently considered to be the best alternative to ICO as well. But to gain more returns to reach a broader investors’ base, you need to make sure that your STO marketing strategy is in the correct place.

But if you are already using it but are unable to get the proper results. The reason might be that you are doing things in the wrong way. What might be wrong is given below.

Where did your STO Marketing Strategy go wrong?
Where did your STO Marketing Strategy go wrong?

You do not have the correct website:

When you are already into a marketing strategy, a…


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