Nov 25, 2021

4 min read

7 Ways to Launch White Papers with a Bang

The publishing of a white paper can be a bit tricky as you need to go ahead with some steps in marketing. Marketing is one of the greatest ways to create a buzz to make people know about your upcoming launches.

However, unlike the marketing of a book, you will not be required to market the white paper several months before the publication. You can easily push its marketing one or two weeks before the publication via any reckoned modern whitepaper solutions company. So, here is how you launch a white paper with a lot of engagement.

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7 Ways to Launch White Papers with a Bang

Before you get started with your Blockchain whitepaper writing and launching, you will need to make up a plan. Don’t be random with your publication. It is important to make a plan and be ready for a finalized publishing date.

If you have made your white paper complete in advance, make sure you have proofread, edited, designed, and reviewed it properly. It will help you to stay away from any problems during the time of publication. You can wipe off any of the errors or oversight to stay away from last-minute issues.

Do not wait for the white paper to be published. Rather go live with the landing page. It is better to go live with your landing page before two weeks of publication. It will help your readers to know about the contact details.

However, people tend to visit a blog once and never visit that site again. But in case you publish the landing page of your white paper there to gather email addresses, then you can ensure more readers for it.

2. Create relevant blog posts to back up your paper publication

It is important to generate traffic to your white page. You can do it easily through the writing of a series of relevant posts. After writing each of the posts, in the end, you can add a CTA that will inform your readers about the new white paper and link to your landing page.

It will further help you to increase your traffic, and at the same time, it will encourage people to come and sign up more to read your white paper.

3. Opt for the guest posting

Guest posting is one of the very sophisticated ways of marketing or creating a buzz for your white paper. Writing your guest posts on famous blogs can work as a way to boost the launch of a new white paper.

To work with it, you will need to make sure that you are targeting blogs, which can focus on a similar kind of niche or topic your white paper is covering. For example, in case you want to publish a paper on Blockchain whitepaper solutions, then visit related sites. You can think of writing some of the posts before your white paper goes live. It will help you to boost your reader base before and after the day of the launch.

4. Get your reviews

Generating reviews can work as one of the best ways to gain traffic to your new white paper. In case you are familiar with an expert on this particular subject with which you are working, you can make a copy of the preview available for them to gain reviews.

Gaining reviews for your white paper will further help you to get more credibility over your white paper. Any good whitepaper writing service provider will let you have the ease of review generation, which will further amp up your accuracy and leverage your publication.

5. Invite others for guest posting

To tap into a larger audience base, you can invite others to do guest posting to your site. Publishing guest postings or blogs from an expert on a similar subject can help you to get a lot of relevant and higher-quality traffic.

Your posts from the experts will help you to attract more readers to your blog post who might show you interest in going through your new white paper. You can further opt for any reliable company offering top-notch ICO whitepaper writing services and ask them to do guest posting on your site.

6. Email your white papers to the subscribers

If you have a long list of subscribers, then things can become easy for you to launch your white paper. You can notify your subscribed readers about the white paper at least one or two weeks ago before the launch. You can further make them know about the pre-publication of your landing page to ask them to sign up further. Consider sending them an email on the day of publication to read it.


Creating a buzz with your Ethereum whitepaper development is not tricky when you know how to do it correctly. All you need to do is, opt for the right strategies while creating a buzz so that you can reach out to your readers early and make them engage in reading.