Best Blockchain Development Platforms for 2022

4 min readMar 30, 2022


One thing is for sure that the market of blockchain is expanding drastically. More people are showing their interest and concern in blockchain mechanisms and innovation. Besides, more blockchain development platforms are coming into existence at a high pace.

So, it has become difficult to choose the right platform for meeting the needs of businesses for the people out there. In this article, we have prepared the list of the 5 best blockchain development platforms for 2022 so that you can pick the right one according to your business needs.

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Best Blockchain Development Platforms for 2022

What is blockchain?

It is nothing but a framework to record informative data in a way that makes it robust and highly difficult to cheat, change, or hang the framework.

Blockchain is nothing but a computerized transactions ledger that is delivered and copied across the entire PC frameworks’ organization on a blockchain.

What are the popular platforms that facilitate blockchain development?

The blockchain platforms facilitate the making of blockchain-based applications. They can be permissionless or permissions. EOS, Ripple, R3, Hyperledger, and Ethereum are some of the popular blockchain platforms that have successfully assembled the blockchain frameworks.

It permits individuals to create and launch apps on the blockchain. So, the top 5 blockchain platforms are discussed below:


Cardano was introduced by Charles Hoskinson in 2015 and, at present, is one of the most popular blockchain development platforms. It is one of the popular public blockchain development platforms. It is highly decentralized and open-source; having accomplished agreement, it utilizes PoS (Proof of Stake).

Besides, Cardano can easily work with P2P (peer-to-peer) transactions with the inside digital currency named Ada. It has a high degree of fault tolerance, unparalleled transaction speed, facilitates scalability, speed, and is less expensive than many other platforms.


Solana is a very popular public blockchain development platform. It makes use of proof of history and proof or confirmation of stake for accomplishing agreement. Solana’s digital currency is SOL. Similar to Ethereum, smart contracts or agreements can be run by Solana. Also, it is one of the biggest in Defi in terms of the impeded funds.

Being a first-level blockchain, there are no parachains, which facilitates high-speed transactions and better scalability. It is better if you can opt for a blockchain app development company armed with the proper experience to meet your business needs.

Polka Dot:

If you are looking for a good open-source blockchain development platform this year, you can take a look at Polka Dot. Whenever you opt for blockchain consulting, Polka Dot may be recommended to you. It was developed by Gavin Wood in August 2020 and has become one of the promising blockchain development platforms.

Being a distributed processing platform, it empowers the blockchain solutions on top of it, also known as “parachains,” for executing inter-chin exchanges among themselves trust-limitedly. It helps to make an interconnected blockchain accordingly. Parachains allow taking permission from the private blockchain.

Also, it facilitates high scalability, fast processing, top-notch functionality, and interoperability. Moreover, it creates a unified blockchain network.

Hyperledger Fabric:

It is considered to be a measured platform for blockchain development, or you can also say it plays a vital role in serving as an arena for making software solutions, applications, and products based in the blockchain using plug-n-play focused on the uses within organizations that are held privately. You can opt for blockchain application development services to know more about the platform.

Hyperledger Fabric does not need any permission to operate. Few associations are there that work under hard privacy situations that cannot be given by the open blockchains. And over here, there comes the need for all private organizations. This fact, in turn, is highly connected or related to the Hyperledger fabric.

Hyperledger Fabric is ideal for non-cryptocurrency projects as well. It facilitates high scalability and security and comes with plug-n-play elements.


Ethereum has always remained as the top-most choice for people out there because it is one of the fastest developing networks, and several designers across the world consider Ethereum to be one of the most outstanding platforms that facilitate blockchain development.

The same is considered by every experienced blockchain solution and services provider. Right from its introduction in 2013, it has gained huge popularity. It is all because of the dApps (decentralized applications) that display the highest potential of the blockchain mechanism.

Ethereum is an open-source platform, comes with a virtual machine environment for the developers, owns its own cryptocurrency named “ether,” owns its own programming language named “solidity,” and has a hugely valuable community. Also, it is highly secured and facilitates versatility and less downtime.


The market for blockchain development platforms is expanding dramatically. The existing blockchain solutions are constantly refreshed and updated, and new developments are also coming into existence.

However, when you decide on picking a platform for blockchain development, you need to consider its usefulness and its available set of experiences. Whatever you choose depends on your requirements and business needs.




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