Blockchain 101 (and Beyond): Recommended Resources for the Crypto-Curious

4 min readFeb 15, 2022


Cryptocurrency has become a hot topic among the modern generation. Its rise in value has triggered interest recently. People are getting more curious about this topic with each passing day.

According to research, an increasing number of people are requesting learning resources or reading materials, and they want to dive deeper into the world of Cryptocurrencies. If you are someone who wants to read or listen or watch to know more about the crypto world, this article is just for you.

Blockchain 101 (and Beyond): Recommended Resources for the Crypto-Curious

About money:

To learn about money, follow the given-below list:

Communist Capital vs. Woke Capital vs. Crypto Capital (Podcast): It explains how networks are grabbing power and why BTC is a global government. It also explains deeply about Communist Capital vs. Woke Capital vs. Crypto Capital.

Andreas Antonopolous’ Introduction to Bitcoin: What is bitcoin and why does it matter? (Video): Watch this video if you want a big picture of the crypto world.

Balaji Srinivasan on The Future of Bitcoin and Ethereum (Podcast): It talks about the future of Ethereum and Bitcoin.

History of Money (Video series): It is a full college course and dives into deep money. The two best episodes are:

1. The Post-Gold Dollar: Unanchored Capitalism and the Power of Big Finance: It is an eye-opener if you think about money.

2. The Bitcoin Lecture: The past, Present, and Future of Cryptocurrencies: It focuses on the history of money.

About Bitcoin/ Blockchain in general:

If you want to have a general knowledge about Blockchain or Bitcoin, the resources given below are just for you. But also, you can get in touch with a Blockchain consulting company to know more about it.

The Bitcoin Whitepaper: It is a foundation of everything right from Blockchain development to crypto.

Yes, You May Need a Blockchain: It says everything about data import/ export.

An Interview with Bitcoin Beach, the Community That Inspired EI Salvador to Adopt the Bitcoin Standard (Podcast): It showcases how cryptocurrency can impact the lives of regular people residing in impoverished communities.

On Bitcoin, the Gray Lady Embraces Climate Lysenkoism: It addresses some of the major media biases against the cryptocurrency.

The frustrating, Maddening, All-Consuming Bitcoin Energy Debate: If you are having questions about Bitcoin’s environmental impact, have a glimpse.

About Ethereum:

If you want to learn about Ethereum, check out the resources below:

The Ethereum Whitepaper: It is more detailed about Blockchain and cryptocurrency than others.

The Bankless Podcast: Right from the first episode up to the fourth episode of “Crypto memes are good,” it has great things.

4 Eras of Blockchain Computing: Degrees of Composability: Calculator era, mainframe era, server era, and cloud era, everything is clearly explained.

The MyCrypto Knowledge Base: It has all the FAQs associated with the Ethereum wallet.

EthHub: It is an allover collection of Ethereum resources.

An introduction to Crypto for Newbies: If you are not from a technical background, this is for you.

What is being built on Ethereum?

If you want to learn about the resources for Ethereum and Enterprise blockchain development, follow the resources stated below:

The Finematics Explainers (Video): It has short videos about DeFi. It also talks about Gas, Ethereum 2.0, and Yield Farming.

How to build your on-chain resume: This is an overall guide.

Zapper Quests: It is an ‘in-game’ tutorial and aims to teach people about the basics of DeFi and Ethereum through hands-on exercises.

NFTs explained: It offers tons of information about NFTs.

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs): The most-interesting but overlooked innovations are discussed in this resource.

Advanced reading:

If you want advanced concepts or knowledge, opt for Blockchain consulting. However, have a look at the resources mentioned below to catch a quick glimpse.

Ethereum is a Dark Forest: It popularized the mempool’s metaphor as a predator-filled, perilous operating environment.

Escaping the Dark Forest: It is a thriller concept that describes the mempool rescue mission.

All you need to know about EIP 1559 (and more): It says about the largest change or upgrade that took place since its launch.

Flash Boys 2.0: It is a research paper that introduces the MEV (Miner Extractable Value) notion and explains the rise of Flashbots. It also showcases Blockchain app development in detail.

MIT’s Introduction to Blockchain Course: It is a brief introduction yet covers several aspects of Blockchain.

MIT’s Cryptocurrency Engineering and Design Course: It is a technical course taught by the media lab of MIT.


The world of Blockchain is deep. And it is kind of never-ending. The more you try to know about it, the more you will drown. It is an exciting new-gen concept. It takes cycles of learning from being a crypto-curious to becoming a crypto-professional.

For beginning with the journey, have your hands on the decentralized apps and participate in the new-gen transacting, and do not forget to monitor your wallet and try to understand the state of a transaction. However, to know more about it, you may seek help from a reliable Blockchain solution and service provider.




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