Blockchain Development for Video Streaming Services and Solutions

Blockchain is no more a new concept to the tech world. Its applications are increasing with each passing day. Blockchain technology is successfully trying to meet customer demands at its best. Nowadays, everybody looks for entertainment on OTT platforms.

But such video streaming platforms come with limitations as well. People like to have uninterrupted service and seamless experience, which such platforms fail to deliver. But, with blockchain, it is possible to overcome such challenges.

Blockchain Development for Video Streaming Services and Solutions

What are the challenges in video streaming, and how Blockchain applications can solve them?

Blockchain can be applied on several digital platforms and can be used for facilitating needs. Some of the blockchain applications on the video streaming platforms are as follows:

Expensive and limited pricing models:

When it comes to the VOD or OTT platforms, customers demand “per-use” payment models. The current pricing structure of such platforms enforces customers to cobble the multiple fragmented services for watching their favorite programs or shows. And this turns out to be expensive.

With the implementation of blockchain-based video streaming app development programs and flexible micro-payment systems that are blockchain-enabled, monetization models and flexible media distribution can be easily facilitated.

It will allow the users to access content as every user wants to minimize their paying for seeing their favorite TV programs or shows.

Annoying and complex advertising models:

The online monetization of content is still dependent on advertising. This ecosystem of digital advertising is complex. There is the involvement of several intermediaries and stakeholders between the potential advertiser and the content creator.

With Blockchain app development programs, direct customer relationships can be established between the fans and the artist for providing content that supports compensation and usage trackability.

Also, fair advertising billing models can be made to provide exact performance tracking of the efforts of advertising.

Inaccurate and opaque royalty payments:

The royalty payments distribution of blockchain contains several contracts among the publishing houses, producers, and artists. Additionally, the contractual complexities make the settlement activities complicated further. It results in insignificant and opaque proceeds.

But in blockchain, digital content consumption can be captured properly to facilitate a precise analysis of usage-based playtimes/usages. It also facilitates the micro-allocation of royalty payments in real-time. And for doing so, you can seek professional help from a reputed Blockchain app development service provider.

Complex and inefficient P2P/C2C sharing and rights:

Duplication, digital piracy, intellectual property infringement, and digital content costs millions to the entertainment and media industry annually. File-sharing illegally is still a challenge for media companies to overcome.

With blockchain, all C2C/B2B copyright assets can be controlled, monetized, and leveraged. Illegal sharing of files and copyright infringements can also be prevented because the blockchain-based identities and micro-transactions of consumers and content customers can be traced.

Multi-country media streaming access:

The media cannot be accessed by the paid VOD/OTT service subscribers in another region or country. Because of the impotent DRM systems integration over countries and country-specific purchase of a license, the licenser prohibits the accessibility.

With blockchain, billing systems, and DRM having multi-region/country access can be developed. Improved customer experience with flawless subscription models can be provided. With smart contracts, automated and transparent rights management can be facilitated as well.

Blockchain comes with on-demand and live video streaming app development:

Blockchain applications in video streaming services are huge. A few of them are as follows:

Video-on-demand streaming:

With blockchain, video-on-demand streaming services can be developed. These services pay the content owners on the usage viewing. It also enables the views for paying as viewing per meter.

With the smart contracts, the royalty management can be optimized, the content consumption, distribution, and payment models can be strengthened to unlock a broader audience reach over geographics with multi-country access. It also facilitates inventive loyalty programs for ensuring long-term customer commitment.

Live media streaming solutions:

It is possible to develop scalable, secure, and cost-efficient live streaming solutions for enabling users to make on-demand or live video apps for powering their video functionality. The users can seamlessly stream conferences, surveillance, coding, gaming, educational courses, entertainment, and others with blockchain-based efficiency and security.

The high infrastructure costs and streaming bills can be significantly reduced with faster scalability and TPS powered by Blockchain technology.

Content delivery networks:

With blockchain, a decentralized CDN network can be developed that offers streaming services to the end-users with high availability, cost-efficiency, scalability, and performance over a global network. Video streaming app development with blockchain offers a secure, transparent, and fast delivery of video content.

Features of Blockchain-powered streaming applications:

The features are as follows:

  • It facilitates a secure digital identity-based account creation. It contains immutable users’ info and interest.


Blockchain is evolving, and so is its application and services for developing permissioned/ public on-demand and live streaming solutions with platforms such as Hyperledger, Ethereum, and others.

Blockchain development for video streaming services and solutions offers enhanced efficiency, security, traceability, transparency, and scalability. A blockchain solution can potentially transform the consumption, payment, and delivery of streaming services to disrupt the competition.



Codezeros is a top Blockchain solution and service provider company that reinvents business with Blockchain solutions.

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Codezeros is a top Blockchain solution and service provider company that reinvents business with Blockchain solutions.