Blockchain in Real Estate Security Token Development

What is tokenization and how can one invest in real estate?

Tokenization refers to the digitization of real-world assets. With the help of Blockchain in Real Estate, digital assets can be programmed to represent ownership rights, which can be sold as “security tokens”. Through the use of robust smart contracts and technology, security tokens create a standard trade between buyers and sellers.

How Blockchain Technology Is Improving Real Estate Investment Market

Real estate being the largest global market in the world, is currently valued at approximately $200 trillion which is 33 times more than the global gold market. Small improvements in the real estate market can have tremendous economic value.

Current Projects that seek to Tokenize Real Estate


Polymath makes it easy to unlock the blockchain to tokenize and trade assets. It is dramatically lowering the barriers by providing STO Solutions that represent real-world ownership of assets such as real estate. It is an ecosystem that comprises KYC/AML, broker-dealers, law firms, and exchanges that facilitate the compliance of security tokens.


A platform designed for tokenizing private investments, Harbor seeks to leverage blockchain technology to record, maintain, and transfer ownership of investments including real estate. It provides a decentralized protocol to establish and maintain standardization for tokenized securities. Announced with much fanfare, Harbor’s STO Development Services for a real estate project (Hub at Columbia REIT) had collapsed.


Security Token Offering Development by ReitBZ is the first of its kind for the Brazilian real estate market. It combines local expertise and global reach to offer the best investment opportunities for its investors. They claim that real estate is a flourishing market in Brazil and after a period of economic lockdown they have started to recover and it is the right time to invest in this asset class.


Though blockchain technology could have a drastic effect on the real estate industry, it is still in its early stages and full adoption and adaptation across the real estate industry come with its own set of challenges like regulatory uncertainty and general lack of understanding in the budding industry as many are yet to fully explore its potential applicability.


Though it is clear that this emerging technology has the potential to disrupt the real estate industry, there is a long road ahead before it reaches maturity. We see a strong promise and future regarding its implementation and proper regulation with time and efforts and before we know, we would be buying our new house on the blockchain.



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