Blockchain Technology as an Application to Combat Covid-19

With the past year being a wave stirrer in the lives of one and all, the pandemic has certainly left us all hoping for better things to come. The advent of the coronavirus has largely impacted industries, businesses, communities, and countries as a whole. By affecting each and every path of life, the pandemic has made it difficult for individuals to attain a gasp of air.

With the number of cases increasing day after day, the death toll had been skyrocketing on to time. As a result, the economy is hit by a hard blow with Sensex falling every other day. It resulted in most of the brands being shut down with big companies facing the loss of a few million.

This emerged the dire need for having a technological solution addressing the growing concern. With governments largely scrambling to address the underlying issues, a number of solutions based on Blockchain Technology in COVID-19 have emerged to address the worldwide health crisis.

Overview of blockchain technology as an application to combat the pandemic:

A blockchain is an important tool that establishes a transparent and efficient healthcare business model, completely based on a high level of accuracy and trust. This is because the technology is a tamper-proof one, and creates the first line of rapid protection, supported by a vast network of connected devices.

This is where the primary goal lies in staying alert about the outbreaks and hence the use of the platform is largely beneficial to address the situation and prevent pandemics. Blockchain Technology as an Application does so by facilitating the early detection technique and efficiently tracks drug trials while managing the impact of treatment and outbreaks.

Can blockchain aid to prevent pandemics?

The technological solution helps individuals and organizations to share any information, data, and transaction in a real team between the relevant parties. The information is shared as nodes in the chain, in a completely secured manner.

The onset of such a technology would have managed to combat the pandemic, had there been a blockchain that WHO and the healthy Ministry in each country and hospitals were connected through. This would have enabled them to share relevant information about any communicable disease such as covid 19. This would have helped to spread the word faster and stop the pandemic from spreading.

How does blockchain help to combat Covid 19?

Blockchain solutions during covid-19, as mentioned earlier, is helpful to track public health data surveillance, and especially with the outbreaks of diseases like this. With increased transparency, it helps to attain a more accurate and efficient response. This can help treatments to prosper swiftly as they would allow for rapid data processing. This enables early detection of symptoms prior to them spreading to being epidemic. This will also enable the agencies to keep track of the virus spread and combat new cases.

Tracking donations:

With trust being a major issue in this situation, blockchain has a cure here too. With its help, donors can view the places where there is a dire need to attain funds. This can help them to track the donations until and unless they are offered verification of the contributions being received. The technological solutions embrace transparency to regulate donations and their usage.

Manages crises:

Blockchain has the ability to alert the public instantly about the advent of the virus and by global institutes such as WHO. Apart from this, blockchain can also enable governments with recommendations of not contracting the virus. It helps to secure a platform for all concerned authorities including medical staff, governments, health organizations, media, and more to stay updated and update each other on the same.

Track medical supply chain:

The spread of Covid 19 witnessed a shortage in the supply of sanitizers and facial masks. As a result of the shortage, a few ill-deed individuals were taking advantage to generate fake products and earn more. Blockchain technology can fill the gap and offer smart contracts and accurate data for the technology to eliminate any occurrence of the breach between the needy and the supplies.

As the supply chain involves multiple parties, hence the entire process promises a tamper-proof procedure, enabling individuals to track the process. The technology is largely helpful in streamlining the medical supply chain and ensures that both doctors and patients have equal access to the tools whenever needed.


Thus the usage of the blockchain to share the information would have saved the world from succumbing to the pain and how. With the world being completely naive to something as disastrous as Covid 19, it is extremely important to reassess decisions made and embrace new promising technologies. This is how both regulations and technology can bank on one another to safeguard the world from such pandemics ever in the future.



Codezeros is a top Blockchain solution and service provider company that reinvents business with Blockchain solutions.

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Codezeros is a top Blockchain solution and service provider company that reinvents business with Blockchain solutions.