Central Bank Digital Currency and Financial Stability (CBDC) | New Forms of Digital Money

4 min readJun 26, 2021


Firstly, let’s start by explaining Central Bank Digital Currency, i.e., CBDC, which necessarily denotes the fiat-like currency of a nation. These are mostly present by making utilization of electronic records or digital token to represent the virtual form.

It has been years since digital currencies have started dominating the complete framework, just like some cryptocurrencies such as Ether and Bitcoin, which have encountered steep rise as well as a downfall. Amidst all of these, they had been in talks. Digital currencies work on a DLT referred to as blockchain technology.

Central Bank Digital Currency and Financial Stability (CBDC) | New Forms of Digital Money

Understanding CBDC

The blockchain for digital currencies has owed to magnum opus popularity in years, all thanks to its characteristics of decentralization and non-regulated nature. Bankers started to see this as a plausible danger to the old-style banking mechanism that is not only different from it in terms of functioning but also is different in terms of its decentralized and regulation-free nature. The traditional banking system works under the discretion of a primary authority like the central bank.

Now the cryptocurrencies that are available by newer sources or most unreliable sources raise the senses of awareness about the chances of thefts, scams, and hacks. And this lack of clarity is the reason for which there is no suitable reserve maintenance to back up the valuations of cryptocurrencies.

Now, seeing the inclination of these cryptos, central banks around the world are planning to launch their cryptocurrencies. Their version of cryptocurrencies will be monitored by the corresponding centralized banks of each country, and they are termed Central bank digital currencies. The base of the digital money will also be controlled by the CBDC. And this will be funded by monetary assets like foreign currencies or gold.

CBDC with blockchain for virtual currencies has the potential to bring ease and security of cryptocurrencies into one place. In this type of currency, the top authority in banking of the countries has all the responsibility and is liable to every action.

Could this adoption of CBDC bring Financial Stability?

Thus, it is much clearer now that CBDCs have the capability to provide what other cryptocurrencies are offering but in a more different way. It is providing virtual money with safety, accessibility, security, and transparency.

With the presence of a blockchain wallet for digital currencies, the public now has the power to access the lawful tender, even when you don’t have money. With the help of CBDC, both cash and cryptocurrency will be recognized as a legal mode of payment.

With the growing number of years, the usage of notes is gradually decreasing, as now people are more used to payment options like cards, contactless payments, and cryptocurrencies. There have been several negative cases concerning cash, although they are not excluded by central bodies.

So, now CBDCs will speed up the process of making society a cashless one. And with the declination in swipes with card-based transactions, it is presumed that people are rapidly adapting to novel approaches for making finance-related transactions.

Blockchain for financial stability can be considered as a viable option these days for making payments because it is government-regulated. The central bank’s digital currency gets completely aided and governed by the central bank, which raises the assurance and credibility of cryptocurrency. Now, these types of assurances are growing the hopes of companies that are using the technology of blockchain to invest freely.

Traditionally for making cross-border-based payments, RTGS infrastructure is mandatory for banks to offer interbank commitments. The most advantageous side of CBDC is that it can be used in making cross-border-based payments. When it comes to cross-border and interbank-based settlements, the CBDC is highly credible.

The current traditional set-up of banking lags in its efficiency of offering cross-border-based payments. Limitations like time lags even can result in exposure to several risks. But on the other side of the coin, the CBDCs are filled with several advantages like providing zero counterparty credit risk, anonymity, and 24hours accessibility.

But legalized wholesale-based CBDCs might fail to provide efficiency over the existing traditional banking set-up, as it needs to evolve furthermore.

Can CBDC Help in Improving Payment Systems?

More enhanced productivity in payment transactions is one of the plus sides of CBDC because it has a more reliable security set-up that can be utilized in the making of retail and also large-value-based payment mechanisms.

Now talking about the retail payment option, where it will further improve their payment efficiency, CBDC will get longer hours for settlements with quicker settlement in terms of wholesale and interbank payment systems.


Thus, the central bank, digital currencies, and financial stability can be considered to hold a firm position in the near future because it is faster and safer. With the up-gradation in its systems, it holds the potential to overtake the current banking set-up.




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