Crypto Advertising Networks — Scam or Effective Marketing?

4 min readApr 21, 2021


Nowadays, it is too tough for all crypto advertising networks to grow and propagate out its messages to the public. It is because major social media platforms and search engines have laid a ban on all advertisements that will promote services related to cryptocurrency.

So, all that you got now is to target the audience of ad networks that have their reach to crypto-targeted traffic. There must be suspicion lying around the authenticity and productivity of these crypto advertising networks. Thus, this is what we are going to study here.

Crypto Advertising Networks

Hilltop Ads

Hilltop Ads has implemented a good UI experience that will surely appeal to the advertisers who have to spend money on it, and websites can also make money from it. It can benefit any cryptocurrency development company; with the variegations of advertisements, they push to the viewers. Like they have native ads, pop ups, display banners, direct links, etc.

They claim to have a great targeting option; however, a company or an advertiser has to test by running a campaign manually. However, to its downside, you have to deposit a minimum amount of money to begin working with them. So, here, in this stage, it might demotivate some companies from further proceeding.


Coinzilla features a very attractive name and has a very minimal and sleek website. It is comparatively newer than other advertising networks. The website is attractive and looks legit, and it is because it has its creative team.

It can deal with CPC and CPM advertisements and does it through classic banners, native ads, sticky banners, floating banners, etc. Just like the one mentioned above, here we also have to pay a minimum deposit fee. If you want the best out of it, you should aim for only those websites or CEOs where the targeted traffic is likely to come.

Also, remember to make your website look professional and attractive to pull in a maximum number of audiences. Coinzilla network will help in your crypto development only when it verifies you through sending a code. The advertisement network will reject a website that is not at least 3 months old.

However, now talking about the downside, if you fail to target your audience correctly, the traffic will be substantially low or negligible, the conversion rate will also be low, and it isn’t worth it because it is expensive. Moreover, there will be no dashboard that will give a detailed analysis of the Click-through rate, and also the cost per click, etc.


With its base of origin from Estonia, Cointraffic has become famous for serving publishers and advertisers. Cointraffic publishes banner ads, press release distribution, and native ads, and all of this helps a publisher or advertisers in reaching the audience.

In the blockchain and Crypt Ad market, it has become a premium advertising partner that companies can rely on. Companies that provide top-notch cryptocurrency development services will find it beneficial as CoinTraffic offers a wide variety of advertising options in formatting, and it also provides tools that will further increase the conversion rate.

The ad network has account managers that will look after your campaign’s progress. The minimal deposit that you need to make is 500€. However, it is better to start at 5000€ to get a decent result or traffic. The cost for Press release distribution starts at 1500€.

Ad Dragon

A newly launched ad network of 2019, the Ad Dragon, is completely new in the domain of ad networking. It is completely driven to support online Ad marketing, which makes it completely different from other common Crypto Ad networks. And, indeed in a short period, it has emerged to be the world’s top online marketplace being a DeFi advertising platform.

They have revolutionized the whole online industry and accomplish the goal. They have declared peer-to-peer promotion via an online marketplace. Here effective cryptocurrency development can be achieved as it will deliver great ROI (Return of Interest).

Moreover, publishers and advertisers come close to each other because of the best results they offer. Advertisements from independent media, content creators or even influencers who became a part of the platform as an advertiser gets their advertisements sold by Ad Dragon.

By joining this, publishers will get control over the prices and will also get solutions on various marketing issues they face. As a part of the commission, the platform will only charge 5%, whereas the publisher can keep the rest 95%.


So, to be very skeptical, declaring an advertisement network completely useful will be unjustified, as each of them comes with its own merits and demerits. So, it is completely up to your testing and scrutiny. However, spending on a general advertisement on Facebook or Google can help you earn better traffic and return on investment as well.




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