Experts’ Corner: Pitch Deck Tips for Fundraising Success

4 min readMay 4, 2021

Fundraising can prove to be advantageous. But, if a company wants to opt for fundraising regardless of its stage, it can be both challenging as well as a daunting process.

An accompanying pitch deck, along with a compelling pitch, plays an indispensable role. And both of these become important even for both startups and seasoned entrepreneurs who are already with the traction of the market.

Experts’ Corner: Pitch Deck Tips for Fundraising Success

Pitch deck best practices

Some of the best practices related to blockchain pitch deck solutions are given below.

Treat your pitch as a story

Showcase a compelling narrative of an existing problem in the world, then put up a solution to it, and also tell how your product or service is going to help and how you are going to be successful. Your story must be both coherent and streamlined. Stay passionate and try to make it personal.

Predict potential questions and insert corresponding answers into the deck

You need to identify the potential gaps by examining your presentation and company. Think about what the investors might question you, and provide them with visual supports for your answers.

Understand the context

It is important to understand and evaluate the context in which your audience will read and listen to your pitch. The goal must be to have a meaningful conversation regarding your business with familiar investors. And, if you have to share a deck with investors whom you have never met before, only focus on enticing them to take a meeting. Once they get interested, go for your initial meetings.

Keep aesthetics polished and consistent

The pitch deck needs to be aesthetically professional and pleasing. Opt for a pleasing deck design, or you may even hire a pitch deck design provider for this purpose. It is because pitch decks reflect the personality of your company. Whatever you do, keep it unique.

Refresh your pitch desk continually

A pitch deck is dynamic and evolves with time. The questions that the entrepreneurs are facing every time must be noted down by them, and they may address and incorporate them in a solution. Additionally, you may opt for business pitch deck solutions to showcase the company traction data, and the market data must be updated continually.

Imperative slides to include

Some of the topics that the investors pitch presentation must include are given below:

  • Company overview:

The company overview slides act as the deck opening, and by taking a look, the investors must get an idea of what they are going to get. It must include the problems that your products solve, the management team background, and your company’s key traction. The information needs to be straightforward, understandable, and exciting.

  • Company mission, vision, and purpose:

The main objective is to showcase the ultimate goals of your company. Thus, you need to include the mission, vision, and purpose of your company.

  • Mission statement: Discuss your business’s current status and what you are planning for the future.
  • Vision statement: Focus on showing what your company wishes to be like in a memorable way.
  • Purpose: Summarize what your company is serving to the customers.
  • The team:

Investors decide on checking whether they can trust in you, your potentialities, and your consistency. Give the importance of the team and highlight the necessary skill sets and the experience that your team possesses. You may include images of your key team member and summarize their prior employment and educational attainment.

  • Current traction or progress:

To build credibility among investors, incorporate compelling traction statistics. It may include sales, downloads, traffic, or any other in-development metrics to show your adoption and scale. By availing of presentation deck services, you may also include client testimonials, strategic partnerships, or achieved accolades.

  • Total Addressable Market (TAM):

TAM slide demonstrates that the current opportunity at hand is a larger trend or marketing shift’s part. It indicates the revenue opportunity that is underlying for a specified service or product.

  • Business or revenue model:

You will have to address your company’s pricing strategy, revenue model, sales, average account size, and distribution model. Include both current and future model plans. To demonstrate decisiveness, you may also include specific dates.

  • Marketing and growth strategy:

This will show your investors your plan to grow and market your services and product. You may include almost anything from several market channels that you will be using for the promotion of your product.

  • Financials:

Stay prepared with your financials in Excel if the investors are interested. Showcase your company’s current financial situation and future burn rate correctly.


You also need to focus on showing who your competitors are and how your company is different from them. Stay clear about what you are asking the investors. Before anything, ask yourself, what are the needs of your company. And showcase everything in detail to the investors, clear your doubt and stay clear about how much fund you exactly need to raise.




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