How to build your own blockchain: Simple setup & app implementation guide

  • Smart contracts: The smart contract functionality is put to use in blockchain tech for digitally executing an agreement and eventually lowering the loss risk.
  • Smart asset management: Exchange, issuance, payment, retirement, and escrow is there. A crypto/smart asset is a real-world asset’s tokenized version.
  • Permissioned network: Here, the owner of the network fix who can get connected to the network, and a few selected members are only allowed for verifying the blocks. If it is about the consensus mechanisms, they can be the same as in the permissionless network or also can be uniquely built.
  • Permissions
  • Atomic exchanges
  • Asset re-issuance
  • Multi signatures
  • Key management
  • Native assets
  • Block signatures
  • Parameters
  • Key formats
  • Address formats
  • Acting the audit-associated functionalities
  • Verification of data through digital signatures and hashes
  • Data retrieval and storage
  • Smart contracts
  • Lifecycle management of smart-asset such as payment, issuance, retirement, escrow, and exchange.



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