How to Create a Cryptocurrency Wallet App: An In-depth Guide for 2021

Blockchain technology is no longer an unfamiliar word. It breaks apart the margins between real and virtual worlds. Modern startups are making use of blockchain mechanisms for their operations related to cryptocurrency payments and various other online payment modes.

You can create a cryptocurrency wallet to satisfy the needs of your business, or you can integrate it to use it as a payment mode. This article will guide you on how to create a cryptocurrency wallet.

What do you mean by cryptocurrency wallet?

Without having special software, you cannot use cryptocurrency. This software program that is required is known as the digital wallet. It is related to blockchain and facilitates the performing of operations.

The sellers make use of a reliable wallet development company to purchase, borrow, sell, and track the cryptocurrencies and bitcoins in their respective portfolios. The records of the transactions of customers, along with the amount of bitcoins they possess, are all stored in the crypto wallets.

How to Create a Cryptocurrency Wallet App: An In-depth Guide for 2021

The two ultra-popular digital currencies- Ether and Bitcoin are supported by most of the cryptocurrency wallets. But along with the expansion in the altcoins’ number, several cryptocurrencies are now supported by multiple desktop wallets.

Based on key cryptography, the transactions of the wallet are made. It uses two kinds of keys- private key and public key.

When you send bitcoins to a wallet from your own wallet address, you are transferring the coins’ ownership to the wallet address of the recipient. The transaction will get saved on bitcoin wallets only if proper blockchain wallet development is done.

Types of wallets for bitcoins:

There are two categories of bitcoin wallets:

Hot wallet: These are online wallets and can be easily accessed regardless of the location.

Cold storage wallets: The hackers are unable to access these wallets because they are stored in reality.

The four more types of wallets for wallet development services are as follows.

Hardware: Hardware wallets are considered to be secure among all. They are used to store bitcoins on physically existing hardware that is connected via a USB port to a computer. They are even immune to the attacks of viruses as well.

Mobiles: They are somehow similar to desktop bitcoin wallets. However, it is easier to pay at the physical stores. All you need to do is scan the QR codes, along with NFC and touch-to-pay. These kinds of wallets are usually compatible with Android and iOS systems.

Desktop: It is made for desktop users and gives them full control of the wallet. Desktop wallets act as the address where a person can send and get bitcoins. According to a reckoned cryptocurrency wallet development company, it also lets customers store private keys.

Web: With web wallets, bitcoins can be accessed from anywhere through a mobile device or any browser. Just choose your web wallets cautiously as it keeps all your private keys stored.

How to create a custom wallet app?

In the market, you will find some open-source libraries to use for your future applications. These libraries offer the required functionality, executes transactions regarding finances, and organizes the wallet as well for blockchain.

For cryptocurrency wallet development, you need to go through four steps:

  • From the corresponding website, you will have to download the API.

How to create a bitcoin wallet app from scratch?

A custom app is always treasured as it is ideal for all kinds of needs. The stages for custom wallet development for crypto are as follows:

Discovery: In this stage, you need to analyze, make a project plan, focus on workflow, and get approvals for wireframes. It will help you to create your business objectives, analyze and make a proper plan for future development and look for correct technologies.

Create a prototype: Depending on the information collected from the customer, an original prototype is made. It is a tiny working model of the needed system.

Design: In this phase, the solution’s conceptualization is made. In short, for meeting the project’s particular requirements, a robust architecture for the software is made.

Development: This phase is all about writing codes and turning the documentation of the design into genuine software while it is in development.

Quality assurance: A huge number of tests are conducted by the Quality Analysis team. The tests include system integration, functionality testing, user acceptance, and operability. All the tests are done to make sure that the program code is transparently clean, and the business goals are successfully fulfilled.


Thus, blockchain technology is making the payment systems of companies more flexible. It operates 24*7, establishes a worldwide customer base, and offers safety and freedom. Currently, there is a heavy demand for bitcoin and blockchain-based services. So, build your cryptocurrency wallet now and grab the opportunity.



Codezeros is a top Blockchain solution and service provider company that reinvents business with Blockchain solutions.

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Codezeros is a top Blockchain solution and service provider company that reinvents business with Blockchain solutions.