Tokenomics From Myths to Reality

5 min readApr 5, 2021

Now that the world is transforming towards a more technologically enhanced environment, newer terms are occupying markets. Every day there is something new coming up and surprising us. The tech market has given us a brand-new term to ponder upon, Tokenomics!

So, what is it? Well, Tokenomics is widely defined as a system used for formatting pricing policy for tokens. Tokenomics is basically an amalgamation of two words: Token and Economics.

The driving concept of Tokenomics is none other than Blockchain and cryptocurrency development services. Here, we will have a look into how Tokenomics is becoming prevalent for tokenized transactions and what the challenges are waiting on its way.

Tokens and Tokenomics:

Tokens are value units assigned by a specific organization and a part of an existing blockchain. Tokens can have value in the form of a certain service, ownership, or rights over any asset. The values are more of use cases than currency.

Tokens should also possess certain qualities to qualify as valid Tokens. The value assigned to a token must be scalable and be resilient to inflations. The basic Tokenomics is what helps a token to get funded, thus promoting a financially sustainable business model of tokenization blockchain service provider.

The future is digitized, and thus, improvising on the revenues in digital spaces can be richly aided with the involvement of Tokenomics. Digitization of assets is the very first step towards building a digitally stable and competent business system by virtue of tokenization security.

Why Tokenomics?

Tokenomics is fundamentally different from economics and has an important role to play in the growth of digitization. With the intervention of Blockchain and cryptocurrency, the security of transactions has increased manifolds, and it is strongly believed that the future is tokenized.

Let’s see some applications of Tokenomics.

Producer-Consumer Alignment:

Tokenized economies are helpful for consumers whose values are not aligned with big profit-centered enterprises. Bypassing such enterprises will bring you closer to token-based blockchain networks where consumers and producers join hands to meet each other’s specific needs and establish a healthy relationship.

Full Cost Accounting:

With the use of tokens, the prediction of both social and economic costs can be done effortlessly. This is a great benefit for multiple stakeholders, and thus, the involvement of Tokenomics is highly encouraged in such fields.


Investors all around the globe are searching for opportunities that will let them analyze and look through the vulnerabilities and benefits of each investment made. This not only lets them build a reliable and robust model but also helps them to mobilize their business throughout the community. Token Development Services, along with Tokenomics, is an aid for the aforesaid plan and certainly is a factor that lets the business ecosystem grow to match the ongoing digitization standards.

Challenges about Tokenomics

Now there are four challenges that Tokenomics is facing while growing into a reliable business aid.

The first one is mental inertia. This is basically a stopping force that is raging among people who have never used such technologies in their business. Thus, fear and uncertainty creep in to form a rigid belief that may be; the outcome would not be as expected.

Tokenomics, being quite an infant technology, is still not preached globally, and many businesses resort to equip such newer technologies in their model. This is certainly because Tokenomics is either overly simplistic or cautious.

The next challenge about Tokenomics is associated with the inculcation of Artificial Intelligence. A lot of stakeholders believe that AI involvement might lead to False paths, and thus, the ultimate outcome will be that the business failed to reach where it headed to. The lost path might not be a good risk to take, and hence tokens are avoided by such businesses.

The third and one of the biggest challenges that token development services face is the existence of Government rules and restrictions. In many cases, these rules and regulations are contradicted by Tokenomics policies, and thus, they are unable to cross through the judicial barriers, to reach out to potential businesses.

The last Challenge to mention regarding Tokenomics is that people think differently about this new aspect of the digital business scheme. The dilemma to decide on whether to bring in Tokens or avail of cryptocurrency development services as part of a business is a confusing question, and the answer solely depends on one’s requirement.

How to overcome the challenges?

Now that these challenges are visible around, it is important to seek help from crypto security companies and systemize the entire process of bringing in Token services in a business.

  • Start with describing the expectations from the product of the project, along with customer characteristics. This will enable you to assign the value of each Token accurately.
  • Locate and segregate the people who are potential stakeholders for your project. Also, identify the investors, consumers, partners, and judicial bodies that can directly impact your business.
  • With Tokenomics, you can detect the interests of various parties linked directly or indirectly with your business. With that said, always remember to note down points that could lead to a conflict of interest.
  • The next step is to discover the type of Token that will protect the interest of all parties while staying true to the legal standards and inheriting all its technical specialties.
  • Find out the blockchain platform that will support your Token’s functionality. Also, form models that will motivate stakeholders.
  • Calculate the total project fund and make sure that your project development cost follows the roadmap.
  • Sketch down the token distribution structure from the two sources of business dev funds. This is helpful in building a predictive financial model as the next step. With this model, you can have a better look at the costs and investments made on your project.


The arrival of new technologies does face a bit of resistance in the first go, but with time and developments, the option available widens, and people start trusting the newcomer. Tokenomics has a long way to go, and it has already started the journey with little steps. Businesses that have equipped Tokenomics will serve as encouragement for others, and the growth will stabilize soon.




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