What is Stellar blockchain, and how can businesses leverage its potential?

4 min readDec 13, 2021


Technological advancement is undeniable. In recent years, digital currency investors have been rising. Thus, the blockchain always stays at its peak. Stellar is currently one of the high blockchain platforms used today. It can be used for easily sending and receiving all kinds of digital currencies.

It meets the needs of multinational organizations across the world. This article is going to cover everything you need to know about Stellar Blockchain and how it can leverage the potential of businesses.

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What is Stellar blockchain, and how can businesses leverage its potential?

Stellar blockchain:

The Stellar blockchain is a protocol that facilitates payment. Its base is formulated in DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology). Also, it has a decentralized nature and allows cross-border transactions. It works with a digital currency named lumen. The distributed ledger is public, and people across the world can share it.

It connects payment systems, people, and banks. It moves money faster in a reliable way and has a low-cost nature. All these together made Stellar blockchain a popular possession in the crypto universe.

Stellar.org vs. Stellar network:

Stellar is independent, and it is the network of crypto that makes use of lumen. Stellar.org is a non-profit Stellar development company, which supports Stellar blockchain growth. It works for initiatives, financial inclusion, and tools that surround the Stellar blockchain.

The code is written by the Stellar.org workers for the Stellar blockchain. However, it exists distinctly as an online money-moving platform.

Popular features of the Stellar Blockchain:

The features of Stellar blockchain development include its potential for being used in multi-signatures and smart contracts, 1% fixed annual inflation, and asymptotic theory. But the three primary features of Stellar Blockchain are discussed below:

  • Scalability and high speed: The transactions are performed by the Stellar Network through nodes with consensus’ help. It takes a few seconds for the consensus to reach. Thus, it makes transactions completed in not more than 5 seconds.

As it does not facilitate mining, the speed is comparatively faster than any other crypto network. About thousands of financial proceedings occur at once. This makes the Stellar network highly scalable.

  • Open source and decentralized database: There is no central authority of Stellar under which any workers work. Without the need to answer to any central authority, its functioning can be partaken by anyone.

Diverse nodes are there that work together and verify and include online transactions within the ledger.

  • Multi-currency transactions: An individual can make transactions in any of their preferred currency, and the forex process will be automatically performed by the system.

For doing so, it finds someone who wants to exchange the same currency. In case the direct exchange is unavailable, several actions are performed by it for matching the currency that is transferred. Lumen allows Stellar blockchain for making transactions easily in multiple currencies.

How does Stellar Blockchain function?

The transactions are included by Stellar on a public ledger. FBA (Federated Byzantine Agreement) is utilized by Stellar Blockchain. It is an exclusive paradigm that reaches a consensus within its nodes. This keeps the security intact.

SCP or Stellar Consensus Protocol is a system that does not wait for all of the parties to agree on a transaction. And instead, the entire nodes’ nexus agrees by selecting other trustworthy participants or nodes, The other nodes follow this process, and only the reliable nodes are selected further.

A dependable participant is selected by each participant and forms a quorum slice or small network. It leads to an overlapping quorum that ensures the safety and integrity of the entire process. For activating a transaction, multiple nodes’ tiers are there for interaction. It is an expensive and quick process that leads to the needed transactions.

The operation of the payment system in Stellar:

Stellar’s payment system includes “Anchors.” It holds the potential to lend credits and hold deposits whenever needed. In short, they act as a bridge between the network and the currencies. The trust relies on Anchors. When money is sent to the anchor, the credits are updated, and the balance is changed by the anchor.

When a sender sends money to a recipient via the anchor from the actual balance, the balance is updated in the anchor. As many nodes work, it takes a few seconds for a transaction to get updated. The Stellar consensus protocol ensures a secure Stellar wallet and also makes sure that the transactions are trustworthy and safe.

Business applications of Stellar Blockchain:

Several organizations over the world, including financial institutions and banks, payment aggregators, and technical specialists, are employing the Stellar framework for facilitating a cheaper and quicker path of performing transactions. It is cost-effective and efficient for several businesses in terms of international payments, hassle-free micro-payment processing, and cross-border money transfer.

By employing the interface of Stellar, real-time settlement can be offered for cross-currency transactions, elimination fees or complications needed by remittance sources. The organizations can perform needful functions without harming safety. Thus, Stellar blockchain comes with diverse features that open new doors of possibilities and opportunities for businesses.

However, the most creative Stellar application development ideas include P2P lending, trading, and mobile clients, loyalty points programs, community currencies, merchant plugins, conditional cash transfers, volunteer hour tracking, and micro-savings accounts for multiple needs like health, school, insurance, and a lot more.


In short, Stellar Blockchain is an economical, user-friendly, and excellent performance blockchain platform that businesses can use for maximizing their profits and ultimately boost their efficiency. Its potential is increasing with each passing day. Thus, businesses must take advantage of Stellar’s uncountable development possibilities.




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