Which is the best blockchain development company in India?

4 min readSep 10, 2020


With blockchain technology, organizations have built trust in peer-to-peer networks. This technology has become a popular global phenomenon. Blockchain is an immutable, decentralized, and distributed digital ledger which successfully makes secure and transparent transactions.

With the advancement in blockchain technology, many companies are integrating this into their daily operations. However, many of them, including large corporations are not aware of this technology’s features and capabilities to utilize it optimally. Giant software companies, major banks, and accounting firms utilize the blockchain to enhance customer experience and other facilities.

If you are here searching for the best blockchain development companies, here is the list to choose from:


For the technology needed in any area, Codezeros provides custom, cost-effective, and the latest blockchain solutions. The relevant years of experience in the blockchain field have made them experts in almost every aspect of this technology. Their expert team has left no stone unturned to develop the best outcome for all the alternatives. They exclusively work on unique ideas in the emerging sector of blockchain technology using the latest distributed ledger technologies and popular blockchain frameworks like Ethereum, Hyperledger, etc. To fulfill our client’s business requirements.

They first understand your business requirements and prepare a layout of where and how blockchain can be implemented into your current business process. After your approval, the execution part starts. They test the final product to improve it wherever needed and then deliver it to you.

Value Coders

When it comes to India, Value Coders is one of the most popular companies for distributed ledger technology services. They believe in delivering high-end quality products on time to all the clients. With many years of work experience, they have become specialized in blockchain and wallet development services like smart contracts, blockchain audits, wallet development, and more.

They use proven methodology, technology expertise, domain knowledge, and the latest resources to provide value-added services to the clients. From startups, digital agencies to technology-driven or product companies, they have worked with a variety of different domain clients and never fail to deliver high-quality solutions.


This company has improved the style and system of the process of operation in many organizations. They specialize in blockchain services like blockchain wallet development, smart contract, decentralized app development, and blockchain consulting, and more. They believe in the power of mobile-first systems as mobile users are increasing day by day. They develop user-friendly apps that can revolutionize the way of using and connecting mobiles. They have an expert and dedicated team, technical expertise in mobile and web, latest resources to develop the trendiest products, and connected smart products and enterprise apps.


If you are willing to improve your business operations and functions, Prolitus provides high-end customized technologies as per your business requirements. Their huge team of experts will first understand your blockchain needs and where it will fit to give you optimal return. For web or mobile-based technology, they develop a distributed blockchain-based application (Dapps- Decentralized Application) or POC (proof of concept). Their proficiency in blockchain development will help you gain the validity of the product design, idea, and prototype.

Sofocle Technologies

This company has successfully implemented various technology solutions in different emerging enterprises, startups, and government systems and organizations. They use the cutting edge blockchain smart contract audit services and IoT technology to provide the best deliverable outcomes. Their robust team of 50 experts is at your service to deliver your project with high-end quality and on-time.

From wallet development, smart contract, Ethereum to HyperLedger Fabric, Sofocle has gained expertise in almost every service of blockchain over the years. They provide, the final product and end-to-end QA analysis, and on-site support.


You can get application development, blockchain technology consulting, design, wallet development, and more under one roof. ABSE Labs has contributed to transforming organizations by making them more efficient and optimal. They provide a unique set of integrated blockchain solutions to modernize their process and services. They develop a standard automatic process (smart contract) to approve, create, and implement tracking and other functions.


With the help of blockchain, you will be able to save any middlemen cost for various operations, tracking each transaction, and securing the users’ data. Hence, for any special use case for blockchain technology, you can consult and hire an enterprise blockchain development company. They will guide you towards the right path and help you understand your technology needs and what is best for your company. You also have these lists of the best company so you know what to do next.




Codezeros is a top Blockchain solution and service provider company that reinvents business with Blockchain solutions.